Yodsanklai’s Next Fight Is A Mix of MMA, Muay Thai And Lethwei

Yodsanklai's next fight

On April 15 Yodsanklai Fairtex will be fighting Masoud Minaei for newly formed promotion MAS Fight in China.

The Muay Thai star will take on a new set of rules for the fight with Minaei. They seem like a mix of MMA, Muay Thai and Lethwei.

The bout will not feature traditional gloves, instead the fighters will wear 6 oz MMA gloves. Well, similar to MMA gloves because they look way cooler. Like something out of Street Fighter.

Full Muay Thai rules will be implemented with the addition of armbar techniques and chokes allowed, only while standing. The fight can’t go to the ground. Throws will also be allowed.

Rather than fight three rounds, the fight will run for nine minutes with a break. The only way to win is by KO or by (T)KO after a fighter has been knocked down three times. If no one has been knocked out then the fight is ruled a draw.

Pretty crazy rules, but that is was MAS fight is banking on to draw interest. They have already posted on social media that they are implementing new rules for martial arts. Will be interesting to see the feedback for this event.

Pretty risky move by Yodsanklai as well. Minaei is no slouch, he holds wins over Aegpraha Meenayothin, and Sudsakorn Sor. Klinmee. If it was Muay Thai it would be one thing, but a different set of rules like this seems dangerous. Yodsanklai is currently on a 22 fight win streak.

Will be looking forward to seeing how this fight turns out.


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