Wrestler With No Legs Wins 33 Matches In One Season

Zion Shaver is a wrestler with a twist, that being he has no legs… Image Source: ESPN.

There are many stories out there that show determination and can really inspire people. None are quite like Zion Shaver’s, born with no legs he still pursued his love for wrestling and overcame the heavy adversity. He now holds an extraordinary record.

Wrestling isn’t something he picked up later on in his short career, he has been wrestling since the age of two. It takes a very special sort of kid to keep grinding at something like wrestling, given his condition and the obvious difficulty it would propose. However, Zion didn’t give up.

Gathering a very nice 33 wins to 15 losses in perhaps one of the toughest wrestling states is quite the feat.

Shaver competed in the 106lbs weight class despite weighing only 88lbs, with a torso structure of a much heavier man. Not only does Zion participate in wrestling, he’s very fond of music and also takes a class in construction trade from his wheelchair.

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I legit got injured this match have to check to see if I need surgery.. but I’ll be back guys in no time! Trust the process 💯💯

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Success Story

Zion had caudal regression syndrome, a condition that affects the development of the lower half of the body. Explaining why he is missing his lower half. His success story doesn’t start from when he began wrestling either.

As a baby he was given up for adoption, constantly migrating to different foster homes and schools and that’s all he really says regarding his childhood. Until much more recently, 2 years ago, Kimberly Hawkins ‘felt compelled’ to give Zion a home and the adoption papers went through earlier this year meaning Zion finally has a family away from the mats.

Zion spoke on the impact wrestling made on his life. (Quotes courtesy of ESPN)

“Wrestling has changed my life to the point where when I come to an obstacle in my life,”

“I instantly figure out a way to get past it and move on.”

He says he modelled himself on amputee grappler and MMA fighter Kyle Maynard who wrote ‘No Excuses’. The author had a similar condition to Zion and also achieved great things in sports. Zion said:

 “I’ve kinda modelled myself after him, he’s the type of man I want to be like.”

This is truly what sports are about, throw away all of the trash talk and ‘money fights’ this is the real reason why we partake in sports. People like Zion are one in a million and they deserve the type of success that Shaver has acquired during his time wrestling.

Story first reported by MICHAEL F. MCELROY for ESPN.com


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