WATCH: The Worst Boxing Debut in History

worst boxing debut

Everyone knows that guy who is a bad dude on the streets and seems like an unstoppable force.

Everyone forgets that he likely seems like that because he is beating up untrained people, heck you might even be that guy. But what happens when you take your “skills” against trained professionals?

Brian Sutherland found out the hard way. The undefeated street fighter took his skills to the boxing ring and his debut couldn’t have gone much worse. This has to be the worst debut in the history of boxing, and probably any combat sport.

It is so bad it is actually funny. As soon as you see Sutherland throw his first punch you know he is going to be in trouble. It doesn’t take long for him to get knocked out, but at least he has an awesome mullet.

Sutherland’s ill fated move into prefessional Boxing should serve as a reminder for any street fighter looking to turn pro. Unless you have been training to do this it won’t be easy.

Despite the outcome you need to give Sutherland props. He did something many people wouldn’t do. He stepped into the ring and fought. Yes he got beat very badly, but at least he got in and tried.

Sutherland never fought a professional Boxing match again after this. The only thing that is certain is that his mullet rocked and that you can’t help but enjoy his fight. It may not have been a Boxing masterpiece but it sure was entertaining.

Check out the worst debut in boxing history. Just because you beat up guys on the street doesn’t mean you should automatically turn to pro boxing or any other combat sport.


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