WATCH: World’s Strongest Man Displays Crazy Hand Speed In Training

Pudzianowski has had MMA bouts before. Image Source: Sport INTERIA.

Now everybody loves a good matchup. Fans of KSW, a Polish MMA organisation, are no strangers to great matchups. Being the modern day PRIDE of combat sports organisations, KSW put together some truly insane fights between huge guys, now welcome the latest unit to the scene…

Mariusz Pudzianowski used to be a strong man, in other words, he has been the worlds strongest man 5 times over. Weighing in at 260lbs after a cut and standing at 6″1 he is quite scary to look at. Oh yeah, did I mention he does MMA too?

That’s right, from a sport where steroids are such a huge part of it, to a sport where they are prohibited. He has been fighting under KSW for nearly 10 years, debuting at the end of 2009. So, that sparks the question, with so many years experience how good is ‘Pudzian’?

His most recent fight was at KSW 44, in June of 2018. Photo Via The Mirror.

Giants Collide

Back in June, ‘Pudzian’  took on Karol Bedorf and lost via submission. He returns at KSW 47 next, but against someone who can match his past…

He takes on former Olympic Gold Medalist for Weightlifting, Szymon Kolecki. Both of the fighters have a history in sports where steroid use is quite frequent and both of these fighters have used steroids before.

Kolecki has only been in MMA since 2017 but has picked up 5 first round finishes and only one loss, building quite the hype train for himself. However, Pudzianowski has always been a fan favourite since he started in MMA so seeing two huge Polish units slug it out will be quite the spectacle.

Don't mess with him ! 😉

MMA FIGHTER and 5x World's Strongest Man ;-)@pudzianofficial

Posted by Extreme Fitness Lifestyle on Wednesday, 2 January 2019

A training video was released on Facebook of Pudzian, putting himself through his paces and beasting himself leading up to his next fight. Despite his size, he looks quick and seeing as he isn’t as tall as many heavyweights he can use that to his advantage.

Seeing as Pudzianowski has years of MMA experience he is still the favourite to win in March, but we all know in MMA anything can happen it takes one shot and that is it.


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