The World’s Scariest Boxing Gym Owner

When you think of a gym owner for any combat sport, you normally assume they are tough. What you don’t think about is how scary they can actually be.

Yes, there are gym owners who don’t compete are only in it to make a profit, but there are quite a few who transition after their careers into opening a gym. It isn’t an easy business, as you constantly see combat sports gyms open and close. Well I am willing to bet you have never met a gym owner like Shaun Smith.

He is the owner of Muscle House Gym in the UK has to be the scariest gym owner in the world. He is not only the gym owner, but a debt collector. The man has as astonishing back story. He used to be an enforcer in Liverpool, UK for one of the biggest crime families. He helped them fight their war against a rival drug gang. His back story is astonishing and it is best to just watch it, luckily for us Vice made a documentary about it.

I will tell you this much. I would never go train and Shaun’s gym in and not act right, because having him mad at me is the last thing in the world I would want.

Check out the documentary below, it is definitely worth watching.


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