World Fighting League: Champion vs. Champion Results

World Fighting League 5 Results

World Fighting League: Champion vs. Champion took place this past weekend in Almere, Netherlands.

The fifth event for World Fighting League featured the farewell fight of Kickboxing legend Peter Aerts. The Dutch Lumberjack had gone through a rough patch. Before this fight he was 3-6-1 in his last ten fights. Aerts, however, went out with a win as he defeated Nordine Mahieddine by unanimous decision to end an amazing career.

Three one night 4-man tournaments also took place on the night. In the 95 kg tournament Brian Douwes took home the tournament win with two unanimous decision. In the semi-final he defeated Redouan Cairo, and in the final he bested Ibrahim El Bouni.

In the 86 kg tournament Ertugrul Bayrak took home the tournament after defeating Darryl Sichtman in the final by unanimous decision. William Diender scored a second round (T)KO over Redouan Daoudi in the final of the 70 kg tournament to take home the win.

In other action Fred Sikking ran through Michael Duut in the first round. He overwhelmed Duut with punches, knocking him down twice. Muray Aygun defeated Errol Zimmerman by unanimous decision.

Peter Aerts def. Nordine Mahieddine via Unanimous Decision
Murat Aygun def. Errol Zimmerman via Unanimous Decision
Fred Sikking def. Michael Duut via KO in Rd .1
Tarik Khbabez def. Gökhan Gedik via Unanimous Decision
Anissa Haddaoui def. Ilona Wijmans via Unanimous Decision
Younes Smaili def. Jackie Dings via Unanimous Decision
Rodney Faverus Glunder def. Dennis Stolzenbach via Unanimous Decision
Ilsury Hendrikse def. Samantha van Doorn via Unanimous Decision
Donovan Wisse def. Jay Overmeer via Unanimous Decision
Joey Mezieres def. Akin Kocack via Unanimous Decision
Kevin van Heeckeren def. Karim Lahboub via Unanimous Decision
Danereo Hiffens def. Gregory Tjauw via Unanimous Decision

95 kg Tournament Semi-Finals

Brian Douwes def. Redouan Cairo via Unanimous Decision
Ibrahim El Bouni def. Fabio Kwasi via KO in Rd. 3

95 kg Tournament Final
Brian Douwes def. Ibrahim El Bouni via Unanimous Decision

86 kg Tournament Semi-Finals
Ertugrul Bayrak def. Errol Koning via Unanimous Decision
Darryl Sichtman def. Dennis Ipema via Unanimous Decision

86 kg Tournament Final

Ertugrul Bayrak def. Darryl Sichtman via Unanimous Decision

70 kg Tournament Semi-Finals

William Diender def. Michal Benben via Unanimous Decision
Redouan Daoudi def. Warren Stevelmans via Unanimous Decision

70 kg Tournament Final
William Diender def. Redouan Daoudi via (T)KO in Rd. 2


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