Woman Fights Off Robber With Flying Knee

Woman Fights off robber with flying knee

Unfortunately we live in a world where there are people that feel the need to commit crimes.

Sometimes the infractions are minor, sometimes they can leave people injured, and in the worst of scenarios people end up dead. One of the first things that you are taught when facing someone that is trying to rob you is to give them what they want. If they want your purse, your wallet or any other material object you have, give it to them it should be over. That isn’t always the case and some people refuse to give a robber anything.

The woman is this security cam video not only refused to give the man trying to rob her the purse she had, she beat him up. This woman was clearly experienced. She didn’t panic and the way she delivered a flying knee to the would be robber is pretty amazing. If it wasn’t for this guy having a partner the beating might have continued. She had to have trained Muay Thai at some point, because the execution was flawless.

Aside from clearly being one tough lady, she is also smart. When the robbers accomplice runs in with a knife she doesn’t try and fight him of too. She was able to calculate the threat with the first robber and felt she could handle the situation and she did, with the second guy the weapon clearly played a part in her decision and it was the right one.

(Click next to check out the video of this woman delivering a flying knee to stop this robber)


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