WLF Glory of Heroes 2016 Results

WLF Glory of Heroes

China continues to be a hot bed for Kickboxing, and today WLF Glory of Heroes took place.

In the night’s main event Glory veteran Josh Jauncey fought Xu Yan and he continued to prove why his is one of Canada’s best fighters. Jauncey was in control from the start of the fight with accurate combinations. In the third round he ended things with a left head kick that laid Xu Yan out only 37 seconds into the round. This is another big win for Jauncey.

Fabio Pinca was also in action on the night, he had looked unstoppable as of late as he entered the fight on a five fight win streak, but unfortunately for Pinca he ended up on the wrong end of a split decision to Tie Yinghua.

Enriko Kehl was clearly surprised when it was announced that his opponent Yi Long had won a decision in their bout. Kehl seemed to have done enough to win the bout, but it seems Long might have gotten the necessary boost to win with his homefield advantage.

Wei Rui scored an incredible KO on the night over Japan’s Nakamura Yukiya. In the first round he landed a massive knee that crumpled Yukiya and ended the bout. Great knockout by Rui.

WLF Glory of Heroes 2016 Results:
Josh Jauncey def. Xu Yan via KO (Head Kick) in Rd. 3
Qiu Jianliang def. Jomthong Chuwattana via Extra Round Decision
Zeqi Deng def. Joan Manuel Lique Canaveral via KO in Rd. 1
Yi Long def. Enriko Kehl via Unanimous Decision
Wei Rui def. Nakamura Yukiya via KO in Rd. 1
Alex Pereira def. Israel Adesanya Unanimous Decision
Tie Yinghua def. Fabio Pinca via Split Decision
Kong Long def. Nogami Yusuke via Unanimous Decision
Adai Jixiang def. Imamura Takuya via Unanimous Decision
Daniel Solaja def. Hu Yafei via Unanimous Decision
Yurii Zubchuk def. Guo Qiang via Unanimous Decision
Zhao Chunyang def. Harley Love via Unanimous Decision
Gong Yanli def. Christi Brereton via Split Decision
Andrei Ostrovanu def. Zhang Dezheng Unanimous Decision


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