Wing Chun vs. Boxer Using One Arm

One of the biggest debates in Martial Arts is regarding which styles are actually usable in real life combat.

The debate on this topic is endless with many people standing on both sides of the fence. Perhaps the biggest critique of traditional Martial Arts such as Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido and several others is that they can’t be implemented in real life scenarios. Doubters of their effectiveness often point out that unless the other person is willing to engage with you using a similar martial art you will not be able to apply the martial arts in question.

One of the things that fans of Martial Arts love watching are style vs. style matches. These are great not only for entertainment value but because it is interesting to see which style can prevail. One problem with this, however, is that if a practitioner of a particular style gets made to look bad, he affects the appearance of the entire art.

In this style vs. style matchup, we have Boxer Xiong Cheng Cheng fighting Wing Chun Master Yu Chang Hua. The interesting part is that Xiong Cheng Cheng ends up fighting using only his left arm because according to him his right arm was injured. Before we move forward with this a few things need to be pointed out. The first thing is that Xiong Cheng Cheng is awesome because that is what you call the warrior spirit. Regardless of an injury, he is so confident in his skill that he is willing to take the fight and only use one arm. The second thing is that this ultimately was a losing situation for Master Yu Chang Hua. Even if he were to win there would be the caveat that he beat a man fighting with one arm.

This a dangerous fight for the representation of Wing Chun and the result is somewhat surprising. The Boxer is clearly used to fighting other people and the Wing Chun master is clearly not. The Boxer is calm and collected and calmly stalks his opponent, while the Wing Chun master doesn’t seem to know what to do against the pressure. Even when the Wing Chun master throws strikes they seem wild and not very accurate and his defense seems to be no existent.

In the end, the Boxer gets the better of the Wing Chun master and it really makes one question the effectiveness of Wing Chun. I love martial arts and respect all different arts, but in this case, this was a very bad representation for Wing Chun. A man being able to use one arm and get the better of you looks bad not just for the individual but for the art as a whole.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think. Do you think traditional Martial Arts are effective in real-life combat scenarios?


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