Wing Chun Street Fight

Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial art. It comes from Kung Fu and is practiced throughout the world.

The focus of Wing Chun attacks is to be able to get into close range, attack and then move away. Wing Chun practitioners do not take a direct attack approach but instead use footwork to avoid attacking head to head and focus on the use of angles.

Like with most traditional martial arts, you don’t see them used often in a street scenario Many times when they are used in the streets technique goes out the window and it simply turns into a brawl as survival instincts take over.

In this video, we get the exact opposite. It is a street fight between two Wing Chun practitioners in China. It is very cool to see the backdrop with others watching. It is very reminiscent of something you would see in a video game like Street Fighter or even a movie. The best part of the entire video is to see them hold true to their art. Neither man starts to flail punches trying to get the upper hand. This truly is a Wing Chun fight.

There is no explanation in the video as to why the men are fighting, but if you are a fan or student of Wing Chun this is a great video. You don’t see this often, at least not around where I am from.

Any type of altercation in the streets always has the potential of turning into an ugly situation, but in this case, both Wing Chun practitioners knew what they were doing and kept their cool in this great display. The people watching them were also clearly educated in the art of Wing Chun and you could tell they were into it.

What do you guys think about this Wing Chun display? Make sure to share with a fellow Wing Chun practitioner.


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