Wicker Camp

Wicker Camp is a great short documentary on the oldest and most notorious Thai Boxing gym in the UK. Established and run by Mick Mullaney & Trix March, the gym prides itself on multiple English, UK, European, Commonwealth and World titles. We spoke with the films creator Simon Gamble about why he made the film and he responded with the following.

“For me I took up the sport at the start of 2015… Always wanted to train in some sort of martial art but never had the guts to go down to a gym. I loved the conditioning, the discipline and striking that comes with muay thai.

A friend took me to Wicker Camp and was immediately taken aback by how helpful everyone was. Having never been in a gym, yet alone a Muay Thai gym I expected to see a lot of egos but it’s far from the case.

At Wicker Camp, there’s so many good fighters – English British, Commonwealth, European and World Title holders – and they’re all so down to earth and willing to help. it’s something I found really surprising so decided I’d approach them to make a short film.

I had so many fighters come forward and wanted to show the range of people who walk through the door, from the title holders to the weekend athlete. I wanted to get it all over in the film.

It was also important to project the respect that comes hand in hand with Muay Thai. Unlike boxing and UFC I found it relatively drama-free, it’s all about the fighting and the respect that comes form the Thai culture.

I hope the community can get something from this film, and hope it’ll encourage more people to the sport.”

To follow Simon and his film making you can find him online at Facebook.com/sigamblefilm or simongamble.com or hydracreative.com.


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