WATCH: When Muay Thai Meets Pro Wrestling

I love Muay Thai and I also enjoy pro wrestling, but I never thought I would see the two ever cross over.

Now just to be clear I have no idea if this is real or staged, but it is definitely entertaining. I have no idea where this fight takes place, but it quickly turns into the most exciting and entertaining fight that I have ever seen.

Things start off rather normal but about midway through things start to get heated between both fighters. At one point the fighter in white falls through the ropes and then things really get interesting. He takes a minute to jump back in the ring but when he does he is carrying the tin pan that fighters sit on between rounds. He charges the fighter in red and then hits him with the tin pan knocking him down. Then what I assume is the trainer or cornerman of the fighter in red jumps in holding a tin pan of his own and hits the fighter in white. Then the fighter in red summons his inner Shawn Michaels and delivers the sweet chin music to the fighter in white. At this point, I am waiting for the lights to go out and The Undertaker to be standing in the middle of the ring ready to deliver a chokeslam.

Well to my disappointment The Undertaker does not appear but the crazy action continues as both fighters keep swinging with bad intentions. Eventually, the fighter in red connects with a crazy haymaker and it seems to knock the fighter in white out. The fighter in red proceeds to fall down as well and the bell rings so it is not very clear how it ends because the video cuts off.

All that was missing was an appearance by The Undertaker.

I have to assume this fight was staged because I have never seen anything like it in all of the Muay Thai fights I have watched, and I have watched a bunch. Up until the steel pans came into play I thought it was a real fight. Part of me really wants it to be real just because it was so entertaining. Maybe one day I will get a definite answer on if this was staged or real and although my gut tells me it wasn’t I will hold out hope that it was.

Check out the video below and enjoy this action even if it is not real because it is pure entertainment. Make sure to share with friends who enjoy Muay Thai and Pro Wrestling.


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