WATCH: Tyson Fury Was Pretty Much Knocked Out Cold

It was power vs. technique as Fury and Wilder locked horns.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder put their undefeated records on the line in this highly anticipated heavyweight fight.

As expected Wilder was going to press the action with his aggressive style while Fury was going to be counter fighting. The big question was if Fury’s technical prowess would be able to avoid Wilder’s power punching.

As expected when this one started Wilder took the center of the ring looking to press the action, but Fury looked comfortable counter fighting. Despite his aggressiveness, Wilder wasn’t landing much early in the fight as Fury’s defense was solid. If anything Fury landed the cleaner shots.

The confidence was high in Fury as he continuously taunted Wilder. Fury seemed content to counter fight and picking his shots. Wilder clearly was having trouble figuring out Tyson Fury as he was unable to land anything significant through the first six rounds, although he was finally able to string together some good punches near the end of the sixth round. It was clear though that Fury’s confidence was high going into the second half of the fight.

Fury was accurate throughout the fight.

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The fight continued the same pace throughout the seventh and eighth rounds but in the ninth, the tide turned. Wilder was able to land a left hand that dropped Fury. He was able to recover and then made it through the last half of the round. Despite the scare, he was still taunting Wilder.

Fury didn’t seem fazed by the knockdown in the tenth round as he came out and established his dominance again. Wilder tried to land some big shots late in the tenth, but Fury was able to avoid it and again continued to taunt him. Fury definitely is in the zone. At this point, Wilder clearly needed the KO to win.

Going into twelfth round you couldn’t have scripted this any better. Deontay Wilder landed a punch that would have ended any other man. Fury seemed to be out cold but miraculously was able to get back to his feet. It was truly a sight to be seen. Wilder had to have felt discouraged after Fury took his best shot and got back up. Despite nearly losing the fight Fury got back up and continued to fight back rather than just try to survive.


The Reality Is That Fury Outboxed Wilder All Night

Many saw the dominance of basically all the rounds aside from the knockdowns in 9 and 12 as pure Fury victory. As Tyson Fury called out on the mic “Did every man believe I won?” the crowd erupted in agreement.

Many boxing pundits and fans will debate this one until the rematch, for which there was a clause should Wilder lose. As it was a draw, this will come down to further negotiations from both champ’s teams.

deontay wilder tyson fury 2
Tyson Fury clearly outboxed Deontay Wilder

In the end, it went to the judges for a decision. One judge saw it for Wilder, one saw it for Fury and the last one ruled it a draw. The official result was a split decision draw.

Despite all of the bad blood beforehand neither fighter had anything bad to say about the other. Each made it clear they thought they had won the fight. It is safe to say we can expect a rematch.


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