WATCH: The Second Official Promo Video For Floyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa

Tenshin Nasukawa is Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent. It is taking place in Rizin. An MMA organisation created by the former PRIDE president, Nobuyuki Sakakibara. Image Source: MMA Junkie.

As if there wasn’t enough going on this weekend, RIZIN released a new promotional video for the Tenshin Nasukawa and Floyd Mayweather fight. It’s half an hour long and its jam-packed full of juicy quotes and background for Tenshin. The verdict couldn’t be more split for the fight either.

Boxing fans saying Floyd and Kickboxing fans saying Tenshin.

The fight itself is meant to be an ‘exhibition match’ between the two talented fighters. So it’s literally just a showcase of skill. But we all know how easy it is to switch up the rules and just knock your opponent out. Buakaw did it pretty damn easily.

Besides the point, both fighters have had some interesting things to say regarding the fight and better yet, there are English subtitles.

Tenshin is a terrifying MMA and Kickboxing prodigy. Being undefeated in both sports and only 20 years old. He has so much potential. Image Source: New York Post.

“I’m A Legend”

The promo is much like a UFC Embedded episode. Showing behind the scenes in the promo as well as the press conference. Both fighters have their say and they both have their fair say. Right off the bat, you get what you see with Mayweather. A long list of all his belongings and how much money he’s made…

“Somewhere upwards of 40 to 50 cars, could be even more. I don’t know the exact number. 20 to 30 houses also. When asked about his jet he responded “Yes this is my 4th plane that i flew to Tokyo, Japan.”

Speaking on the fight he said… “It’s a good match up, you know. i think it’s going to be very very entertaining for the people.”

He spoke on his opponent, admitting he’s a tough young fighter but when speaking on why he wouldn’t lose, his response? “I’m a legend”.

The press conference was a fair few weeks ago now, but in this Tenshin talked about how surprised he was to be in this position but also how it wouldn’t faze him and how he would ‘do what has never been done’ and that, of course, is beat Floyd Mayweather. He seems very confident saying “I don’t mind fighting under his rules”.

Here’s the whole promo video.

In the promo video, there is a clip of Tenshin watching the Pacquiao fight. In which he says…

“He’s good at avoiding heavy exhanges, body shots land though right?”

“I need to make it to that level, i think i can.”

So years back and Tenshin was already picturing how he would beat Mayweather. A lot can change though. Fighter’s styles and their skill set improves. Mayweather has beaten anyone who has faced and him and who’s to say this is different?

Tenshin is different to what Floyd has fought before and maybe that’s enough to do it. All will be told on December 31st.


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