WATCH: The Most Terrifying Man In Combat Sports Returned Last Night

Dave Leduc was back at Lethwei World Championship 3.

The most terrifying man in combat sports, Dave Leduc, returned to action last night.

The Lethwei world champion was back in action against Diesellek Seepongsert Sanong at Lethwei World Championship 3 in Yangon, Myanmar. Diesellek is a former WMC and Ramjadamnern Stadium Muay Thai Champion. Leduc is known for his violent style which focuses heavily on the huge of elbows and headbutts and it proved to be too much for Diesellek.

The Leduc needed one round to dispatch of Diesellek. He feinted with his legs twice and backed Diesellek into the ropes and then delivered a jaw-rattling elbow that put him down. In Lethwei you are allowed a two minutes to recover from your first knockdown but he was out for the count. It was a brutal finish for “The King of Lethwei”.

With the win, Leduc’s formidable opponents are starting to seem rather the thin. The only two options that would make any sense now would be fighting with Lethwei legends Tun Tun Min and Too Too. Leduc has fought both already and collected draws against both, and a win over Tun Tun Min in their second fight.

Dave Leduc is the definition of a savage.

Japan has been one of the first countries outside of Myanmar to embrace Lethwei. There are a few promotions based out of the country and fighters like Tokeshi Kohei are making a name for themselves in the sport. He was also in action at Lethwei World Championship 3 taking on Myanmar’s Shwe Yar Man. It was a brutal back and forth fight that ended up in a draw after no fighter was able to finish the fight.

Tokeshi’s picture after the fight is unbelievable. It exemplifies the brutality of Lethwei. For those who are new to the sport here is a quick rundown. Bareknuckle, you can only win by knockout or after five rounds it is declared a draw. Each fighter gets one two minute timeout per fight to be revived from a knockout and headbutts are legal. That is why Lethwei is known as the most brutal sport in the world.

Tokeshi after his fight at Lethwei World Championship 3.

Lethwei is not for the weak, this look is common after fights.

Lethwei legend Tun Tun Min was also in action at the event against the DR Congo’s Daryl Lokuku. The legend looked phenomenal in the fight, but Lokuku proved to be a tough and durable opponent. Tun Tun Min scored a headbutt knockdown, but despite his efforts, the fight went the distance and was officially declared a draw.

There is no doubt that Tun Tun Min would love to step back in the ring and face Dave Leduc to avenge his loss against the current Lethwei champion. It will be very interesting to see if that fight gets matched up soon. In the Lethwei world that would be one of the biggest fights of all time.

Check out Tun Tun Min’s headbutt knockdown here. Talk about timing and credit to Lokuku for surviving that.

That is a picture perfect headbutt by Tun Tun Min.

You can check out all the results from Lethwei World Championship 3 below thanks to our friends over at Lethwei World.

Lethwei World Championship 3 Results:
Dave Leduc def. Diesellek Seepongsert Sanong via KO (Elbow) in Rd. 1
Tun Tun Min and Daryl Lokuku fight to a Draw
Tun Lwin Moe and Keerati Sririttidet fight to a Draw
Phyan Thway and Saw Gaw Mu Do fight to a Draw
Ye Thway Ni def. Yuta “Cat” Hamamoto via TKO (Cut) in Rd. 5
Shwe Yar Man and Tokeshi Kohei fight to a Draw
Voronika and Elena Mishchuk fight to a Draw


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