WATCH: Tenshin Nasukawa Just Savaged His Latest Opponent

Like Mayweather, Tenshin doesn’t lack confidence.

Floyd Mayweather’s opponent for his New Year’s Eve Boxing exhibition on Rizin stepped into the Kickboxing ring today for a real fight.

Tenshin Nasukawa fought Taiki Naito at Rise 129 in Japan for the rise 125-pound title. He is no stranger to winning fights, especially in spectacular fashion, but he probably knew that with Floyd’s name attached to him more people would be watching.

The 20-year-old did not disappoint as he put on a dominant performance. It also kept his undefeated Kickboxing record intact and moved to 28-0 with the win. It was a great display of Tenshin’s skills as he showcased his versatile striking ability. From his hands to his kicks he was firing on all cylinders.

Fans of Mayweather or anyone that likes combat sports has been following the matchup between Mayweather and Nasukawa probably want to see what his hands look like. He clearly has them, and now you want to wonder how he will be able to do against someone with Mayweather’s Boxing skills.

His Next Fight Is With Floyd Mayweather

Tenshin is known for his flashy style, from his kicks to his punches. He is a fan favorite in Japan because he is extremely entertaining. He starts his opponents demise in this fight with a perfectly placed superman punch and in all honesty it probably would have been best if he had stayed down after that knockdown. Things got a whole lot worse for him when he got up as Tenshin poured it on.

After Naito gets up Tenshin shows how versatile he is by mixing punches and kicks to drop him again. He started his second barrage with punches and effortlessly mixed in a kick. He then went back to punches mixed in a knee and proceeded with more punches to score the second knockdown.

For the finish, it was a barrage of hands that he unloaded until the referee jumped in to stop the fight. All of this happening within the first two minutes of the fight. It is a smart move for Floyd to keep this as a Boxing exhibition because even if it was a Kickboxing exhibition it could get ugly for him.

A Monster In Kickboxing And MMA

Tenshin is no stranger to winning in dominant fashion or style. The man has gained a reputation for pulling off jaw-dropping and seemingly impossible moves in the ring. One thing people need to keep in mind is that Tenshin fights at 125, while Floy is in the 150 range. For anyone hoping this fight turns into a real Boxing match in the middle of it, Tenshin will still be at a disadvantage. He will be a lot smaller and Floyd is arguably the best Boxer of our generation.

At this point, let’s just hope it’s a solid exhibition and not just a boring light sparring session. Maybe we get lucky and we get a Buakaw style exhibition where they end in a knockout. No way Floyd is going to risk getting stopped by a lighter Kickboxing in Boxing though.


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