Watch Simon Marcus Fight 2 Opponents In One Night

Watch Simon Marcus Fight 2 Opponents In One Night
Simon Marcus at weigh-ins with both of his opponents.

Fighter’s fighting multiple times in one night is nothing new, tournaments are very common in both Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

What is crazy is fighting two opponents in one night, when they are both brought in specifically to fight you. As crazy as that sounds it was normal for former Glory champion Simon Marcus when he fought in China as he did it on more than one occasion.

It was pretty straight forward how it worked. He would fight one guy first, as soon as he won and was declared the winner he was given a trophy. He would then walk back to his corner and the next fighter would do his entrance and the fight would start. No break to let him catch his breath, it was beat up one guy and then another fresh guy walks in to fight you.

I wasn’t really sure what would happen if he had lost to the first guy since it never happened. For those that aren’t familiar with Simon, the man is beast. He started his career without losing in his first 40 fights. He has always been a fight anyone fighter, you basically just need to tell him that you want him for a fight and he will do it without worrying about who the opponent is.

He has been in some real wars and has faced the best of the best including Artem Levin, Joe Schilling, Jason Wilnis, Artem Vakhitov, and more.

(Click next to check out Simon Marcus fighting 2 opponents in one night back to back)


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