5-Foot-10 Shaolin Monk Defeats 7-Foot-2 Giant In “Knockout Only” Fight

Yi Long vs. Hong-man Choi wouldn’t get sanctioned outside of China or Japan.

Mas Fight Happened this weekend and the Chinese promotion which had previously held one event featured the Shaolin Monk Yi Long vs. Hong-man Choi.

Mas Fight’s rules are different. It is Kickboxing but fighters used specially designed 6 oz gloves and fights are one round that is nine minutes long. The only way to win is by knockout or the fight is declared a draw. It really seems like a less violent version of Lethwei, the national sport of Myanmar where fights can only be won by KO, although hey allow headbutts and don’t wear gloves.

Yi Long is very popular in China where the event was taking place. Billed as the Shaolin Monk he gained fame for his iron chin move where he lets opponents punch him on purpose. This has started to backfire on him in recent years and no longer does it, but Yi Long has faced some serious talent in the ring. Some of his opponents include Buakaw, Sitthichai, and Saiyok.

‘Hong-man Choi had been more of a sideshow in MMA and Kickboxing. The massive 7’2″ tall, 330-pound fighter has fought former baseball player Jose Canseco, Remy Bonjasky, Kaoklai, and several other smaller fighters. Yi Long is only 5’9″ and weighs 160 pounds. Despite the size difference, David slew Goliath.

Yi Long with a fantastic spinning kick to finish the fight.

At first glance you might you might wonder how Long won with a low blow, but as you watch it more it seems that Choi tried to pull a fast one. When you watch the replay it was at best borderline but doesn’t seem to actually connect with his junk. Seems like Choi felt that one and decided he wanted no more.

It was a great spinning kick by Long, and if Choi was the same height as Long that would have connected right on his head. Instead, it catches him in the body, but it still gets the job done. The fight had grabbed attention because of the size difference and it is great to see Yi Long actually coming to fight. Sometimes when you have match ups like this you have two fighters dancing around the ring with no cation.

You have to take your hat off to Long. Despite Choi not being the best fighter, he is actually far from it. You have to respect his massive size. When you are that big all it takes is one strike from his big hammers to put your lights out, especially when you are significantly smaller like Long.

Yi Long didn’t let size intimidate him.

Yi Long get criticized as a hype machine but the man throws down.

It is a good thing that referee Tony Weeks didn’t fall for the low blow act by Choi. It would have been ashamed for the fight to be called off because of a low blow when in reality it wasn’t. Solid win by Long, who had lost his last two fights by brutal knockouts.

What did you think of the finish? Was it a low blow or not? Make sure to let us know and share this story with friends.


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