WATCH: Rare Footage Of Teenage Buakaw Fight

Buakaw is the most popular fighter in Muay Thai. He will probably remain the most popular fighter in Muay Thai for a very long time. Over the past few years, his superstar status has risen to an all-time high.

Despite Buakaw being a superstar in and out of the ring, he started like most other fighters. A poor kid from a village trying to make it to the big shows in Bangkok. Most fighters start fighting at a very young age and Buakaw was no different. For a lot of today’s big Muay Thai fighters, there is no footage of them fighting before they were adults. They grew up fighting in a time before cell phones. Watching a star such as Buakaw fighting at a very young age would be very cool to watch. Lucky for you we stumbled upon the only footage we have seen of a teenage Buakaw fighting Muay Thai.

In this short video, he is about 16 years old. He puts on a heck of a performance against his opponent. It is a glimpse at the skills that would make him the beloved Muay Thai fighter he is today. He delivers a huge elbow to take home the knockout win. This is a much watch video for anyone who is a Buakaw fan or anyone who loves Muay Thai in general.

He looks sharp and his clinch game looks good even as a teen. For those not familiar with Buakaw’s story he wasn’t always the beast he is today. He struggled in his early years when he got to the big stage of Lumpinee in Bangkok. He lost four of his first nine fights there, but his big break soon came. Buakaw was signed to fight for K-1 and the rest is history.

Buakaw is not just famous, he is a superstar.

Despite Buakaw’s success, he receives a lot of criticism because he never won a major stadium title. After going international and gaining fame he also stopped fighting other Thai’s. He has not fought against a Thai since 2006. Say what you will about how he and his management decided what types of fights to take, but you can’t hate on him. Buakaw single-handedly keeps more people watching Muay Thai than anyone else in the sport. People who don’t normally watch Muay Thai only do so because they want to see him.

Buakaw is a brand all his own. He has starred in action movies, has his own shoe, action figure and many other things. He is making more money than any other Muay Thai fighter ever has and probably than any other Muay Thai fighter ever will after him. It is hard to imagine someone else coming along and becoming more popular than Buakaw. I would gladly welcome it though, the more fighters with exposure like the that the more the sport will grow.

He might not go down as the best fighter to ever set foot in a Muay Thai ring, but he will definitely go down as the most influential. So forget the Buakaw haters for a minute, kickback and enjoy this video. Teenage Buakaw doing work.


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