WATCH: Pro Boxer Fights Guards In Prison

If you were in prison there would be some people you would definitely want to stay away from. Murderers, rapists, pretty much anyone who is known for being violent.

Unfortunately for prison guards, they don’t really get an option as they are forced to interact with all inmates. When situations such as an unruly inmate appear, they have to deal with it. This footage comes from CCTV in Russia. An inmate who is a former professional Boxer is standing in front of a prison guard when he throws one punch and knocks him out cold. There is no audio so you can’t hear what was said or even know what led to the inmate punching the guard. After the guard hits the ground more security guards approach but no one rushes in on the pro Boxer. One guard checks on his co-worker and drags him away.

The video then switches angles and it seems like they are in a completely different area. It seems more enclosed and six security guards enter the small area. The pro Boxer doesn’t seem worried or intimidated at all. He stands directly in front of them and once again you can’t hear anything, but one of the guards sprays him with pepper spray. The pro Boxer covers his face clearly affected by the pepper spray. The guard that sprayed him tries to move in on him and grab his arm. That turns out to be a big mistake as the pro Boxer shakes free and delivers a right hand that knocks down the prison guard.

The security guard hits the floor but is able to get back up. At this point, everyone seems to smarten up as they realize that approaching him one by one is probably not the best idea. The guard that was knocked down takes advantage of the pepper spray blinding the Boxer. He circles around him and grabs him from behind at which point the other security guards move in and tackle him to the floor.

The video ends with the Boxer on the ground with the prison guards on top of him. With that type of power, it makes you wonder what went wrong that landed him in prison so couldn’t continue his Boxing career. Unfortunately, he probably added some time to his sentence because of this incident and we won’t be seeing him fighting outside of a prison anytime soon.

The prison guards should have gone around him after pepper spraying him rather than walking directly in front of him. He had just knocked out another prison guard so you know he packs a punch. The second prison guard either has a better chin than the first one or the punch didn’t connect clean. Either way, I bet they will think twice about how they approach an aggressive inmate the next time they are in the situation.

Watch the video below and check out this guys power.


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