WATCH: Only Known Fight Footage of Infamous Prisoner Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson is one of the world’s most infamous prisoners. He is known for his violent fits of rage and is considered extremely dangerous…

Despite being known as Britain’s most violent prisoner he has gained fame and become somewhat of a cult icon. He was born Michael Gordon Peterson but now goes by the name Charles Salvador.

He is most recognized by the name Charles Bronson, which he used during a run in the world of illegal boxing as advised by his former manager. Many assume the name change was suggested to capitalize on the fame of the American actor of the same name.

Having been in prison since 1974, Bronson was briefly released near the end of 1987. During this time is when his name change to Charles Bronson occurred and he began to compete in illegal boxing matches. He was free for 69 days before eventually ending up back in prison. His craziness doesn’t stop with illegal Boxing matches. Apparently, during those 69 days, he also robbed a jewelry store and supposedly fought and killed a Rottweiler with his bare hands on a bet.

Despite being dubbed the most violent prisoner in Britain the footage of him doing anything violent is practically no existent. The reason for this is because most of his fights and other acts of violence took place behind prison walls, but footage of one of his boxing matches is available and it shows just how crazy Bronson is.

He is not the most technical fighter but he clearly packs some power in his punches. He seems to be winning his fight when in the second round he goes crazy and after dropping his opponent to a knee continues to punch him. An angry crowd jumps into the ring and grabs Bronson before things are swiftly broken up. What is even crazier is that a gun falls to the canvas during the melee.

Charles Bronson was portrayed in a hit movie about his life called ‘Bronson’

Tom Hardy as Charles Bronson.

Bronson’s short illegal Boxing career ended when he was sent back to prison in 1988. He remained behind bars until late 1992, but like his first stint outside that was short lived. He was sent back to prison in 1993 where he remains until this day. That has not stopped him from becoming somewhat of an icon. He even had a film made about his life that starred famous British actor Tom Hardy.

The stories of Bronson in prison are as crazy as you will ever here. He has held people hostage on several occasions. He does not seem to care and has made his name off of willing to incite violence at any moment without much reasoning. The man even took the governor hostage on one occasion.

The fact that he has become famous because of this is pretty crazy, but that is the world we live in today. Regardless of how you feel about the man, it is very interesting to watch the only known clip of him competing in Boxing. It is only fitting that the clip plays out as it does because it really fits the description of what you would expect him to act like in a fight. Crazy and uncontrollable.

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