Watch Nick Diaz’s Only KO Loss

Watch Nick Diaz's Only KO Loss

Nick Diaz is one of the most popular fighters in all of MMA.

The UFC fighter is such a huge draw that despite not fighting often, he usually gets whatever fights he wants. He is known for his trash talk and for his antics in the ring. The Stockton based fighter is either loved or hated, but one thing that is certain is people love to watch him.

He is known for being tough as nails and in his career he only has two losses by (T)KO. Out of those two, only one was an actual KO. The other was a doctor stoppage because of a cut.

His style has often been criticized because he drops his hands often and holds them wide, but he has clearly been able to make it work for him. The KO loss occurred in his fifth pro fight against Jeremy Jackson. It was the final of a one night eight man tournament at UA 4: King of the Mountain in Auberry, California back in 2002.

Nick’s cockiness at times has cost him fights, the perfect example is his fight with Joe Riggs. He had Riggs hurt against the fence and rather than finish the job he began taunting him which allowed Riggs to survive and eventually win a decision. It wasn’t like that in this bout.

Diaz was likely still developing his style and his hands were a little low and it cost him. The fact that this was his third fight of the night could have easily played role in him being fatigued.

(Click next to watch the only KO loss in the career of Nick Diaz)



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