WATCH: NFL Star Knocks Out Man In Wild Airport Fight

There is no question that NFL players are tough. Are they as tough as fighters? I say no, but even so you still don’t want to mess with them.

Apparently, that didn’t stop a man from attacking NFL cornerback Adam Jones also known as Pacman from being attacked. Jones was at the Atlanta airport when an employee of the airport attacked him.

Jones is no stranger to controversy. Early on in his career, it seemed to follow him everywhere he went. One of his biggest troubles came in 2007 when he was involved in an altercation at a Las Vegas strip club. One of the men involved in the altercation was allegedly shot by one of the members in the entourage of Jones. After that incident, a few more occurred and Jones seemed like he was on his way out of football because he could not stay out of trouble. Eventually, he was able to get his act together and despite some minor issues nothing has topped his 2007 strip club incident.

Police determined Adam Jones was acting in self-defense.

Apparently, everything kicked off when airport employee Frank Ragin made a gesture and at Jones. In return, Jones said something to Ragin that triggered him and it was on. Apparently Ragin was didn’t know that Jones doesn’t mind getting down. He pushed Jones as you can see in the video above and then after that Jones handled him and knocked him out.

Jones clearly doesn’t have the best technique when it comes to fighting, but the man was aggressive and did not back down. Sometimes that is all you need in a fight.

It is very clear that this was a case of self-defense for Jones. Ragin attacked him and Jones was simply defending himself. Since the incident Ragin has been arrested and charged with assault. That has to sting, he started the fight, got knocked out and know he is charged with assault.

It would be very interesting to know what Jones said that elicited such a reaction from this man. As for Jones he is fine and suffered no injuries from the incident.

Jones is currently a free agent.

Jones is no stranger to controversy.

The 34-year-old Jones is currently a free agent. He played last season with the Cincinnati Bengals. There is no word on if Jones plan on calling it quits or if he plans on continuing to play in the NFL. One thing is for sure, he is not one guy you want to piss off if you don’t know how to fight. He might not have the best technique, but he will go after you.

As it was mentioned earlier, not a good idea to try to fight football players. They might not have the best technique, but they are strong and sometimes that is all you need in a fight. That is all Adam Jones needed in this fight. Crappy technique, but relentlessness and power in his punches proved to be the difference maker.


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