Watch Nate Diaz Punch Spectator During Grappling Event

Nate Diaz is known for his fight anyone anywhere anytime mentality. He definitely lived up to that reputation this past weekend.

Nate was at the Fight to Win Pro 77 event in Sacramento, CA to support some of his students that were competing. It was an all grappling event, but in the crowd, fists were flying and Nate Diaz was involved.

The Stockton bad boy was involved in a brawl that took place in the crowd and despite being one of the UFC’s most popular fighters he did not shy away from jumping in. TMZ has released the video of the brawl that took place and you can see Nate Diaz in the middle of it clear as day. It is not known why the brawl started and who was at fault for getting things going. If it was someone looking to start something with Nate they clearly forgot that he doesn’t give a damn where they are. You better be ready to throw down if he is around and you step up.

Nate Diaz never backs down from anyone.

As you can see Diaz stepped up and one of the guys was going crazy. Diaz basically just looked for someone to punch. He finds the closest guy next to him and delivers a right hand then disappears off camera where you don’t know what he is doing. One would assume with how things were playing out on video he might be throwing down some more off camera. You really don’t know for sure, but right before the video cuts off you see him stepping back into the frame.

This behavior is obviously not appropriate from a UFC fighter, especially one as popular as Nate. Before you jump to judgment and call him a thug and what not, we don’t have the full story in the video. You can’t see what initiated and all you see is footage after the fight has already started.

MMA’s bad boy.

Somebody messed with the wrong guy, Nate Diaz is the underground king of street fighting MMA stars right now…

You have to remember Nate Diaz does not one to back down and even though he should sometimes. It wouldn’t be a surprise if guys try to bait him for their 15 minutes of fame. Let’s just be glad this situation involved nothing more than fists.

I do have to point out the guy behind the camera that is yelling “what’s good” but doesn’t actually do much. That was probably the best part of the whole video. A guy standing behind the camera yelling as if he is going to jump and do something but doesn’t. That is the equivalent of having your buddies help out from getting your butt kicked with the old “hold me back” strategy. In this case, his buddies are the video camera as that is the reason he can’t jump in. Who else would record it for us if he had jumped in.


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