WATCH: The Most Gangster Boxing Match of The Year

Alex Saucedo and Lenny Zappavigna put on an incredible fight last night. People are already calling it fight of the year 2018…

For those who didn’t know, Top Rank boxing put on a fight between Alex Saucedo and Lenny Zappavinga on ESPN. It turned out to be an absolutely bloody and exciting war…

Sporting a 28-0 record, Oklahoma native Alex Saucedo looked to maintain his unbeaten record against Alex Zappavinga last night. Fighting in front of his home crowd, Saucedo probably didn’t expect an all-out slugfest against Lenny Zappavinga.

Although longer in the tooth in terms of career time, Zappavinga had recently lost to Sergey Lipinets, and was seen as a tough yet beatable foe for Saucedo. Turns out the tough part was heavily underestimated.

From the opening bell, Zappavinga came forward and didn’t stop throwing heavy leather. Saucedo answered in kind, by round 2 Zappavinga was cut and bleeding heavily. This only seemed to spur both warriors on to an enthralling battle of attrition.

Saucedo vs. Zappavigna is already being labeled FOTY

Brutal Stoppage (Highlights Below)

Going down to the canvas in round three, Zappavinga appeared to be wearing down quicker than his younger foe. Little did anyone know it was about to get really crazy in round four.

Fireworks erupted in the fourth frame as Zappavinga just released his hands, the point of reference might even be Gatti vs. Ward-esque. Blood quite literally spattered the camera as Saucedo was badly rocked by a left hook-right hand combo.

Watch the highlights of that wonderful round four below:

Beautiful Violence

It was a thing of gory beauty, but like with all good things, it had to come to an end. Eventually, it was Saucedo who got the finish. During a brutal seventh round, Zappavinga’s eye became a bloody mess, swollen shut, and his corner had seen enough.

Saucedo improved to 28-0 with the win, while 30-year-old ‘Lenny Z’ decided to retire after the fight aged just 30 years:

It truly was one of the fights of the year, and round four could easily be ranked up there with some of the all-time greats. Maurice Hooker awaits the still undefeated Saucedo in a WBO title fight.

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