WATCH: The Sport So Dangerous It Never Got Sanctioned

    Craziest sport ever created? Yep…

    Talk about crazy, this is by far the wildest combat sport ever created…

    When people talk about the craziest sports, you’ll often hear similar opinions about MMA being the most ‘out there’ sport. To a certain extent, that is true, but there’s far more crazy pursuits lurking, you just have to know where to look.

    Considering the number of nutty hobbies and sports being created nowadays, it takes something very special to capture the eye in the modern age. XARM, amid a constantly busy scene, stands head and shoulders above the rest.

    What is XARM, I hear you ask? Its a hybrid between MMA and arm wrestling, yep, it’s as insane and entertaining as it sounds. Three one-minute rounds, a three-foot podium and digitally enhanced gloves that count punches are all part of the weird and wonderful XARM ride.

    Watch the following video to get your first taste of this wacky sport:

    What is XARM?

    Aside from being an all-out war for the competitors, XARM is also the brainchild of UFC founder Art Davie. After seeing his product, the UFC, get sold on and become the biggest in the field, Davie wanted to come up with another original idea.

    Here’s what he told ESPN, followed by some more crazy XARM video:

    “They’ve got arm wrestling on tombs in Egypt that go back almost 4000 years,” XARM CEO, and UFC fore-father, Art Davie says of the inspiration behind the sport. “Arm wrestling is something young guys compete at as much as anything else that they might test their manhood with, and it’s something that hadn’t been expanded on, quite frankly, at all.”

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    “My idea was a short-form entertainment that would work very well on a Blackberry,” he says. “Boxing and mixed martial arts and professional wrestling take place in an arena that goes from 20 to 40 feet in size. With arm wrestling, I knew I’d be doing this on a table that would be less than three feet in diameter.”

    “The biggest challenge I’ve had in promoting a new sport is the same one that I had when I wrote the business plan for ultimate fighting back in ’93,” he says. “You know, you go to people and you show it to them and they go, “Well, this has never been done before, this will never work.”

    Shackled to a table, gloved up and ready to bang. XARM…

    Never Sanctioned

    Although its about as crazy as it gets, XARM was surprisingly never picked up by an athletic commission. Relegated to putting on shows in Indian casinos around North America, XARM went quiet after 2013.

    Rumblings among the combat sports community, though, are that XARM is set for a revival this coming year. Stay tuned…


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