WATCH: Mike Tyson Might Actually Be a Ninja

    Mike Tyson proves he is still super-sharp years after the conclusion of his fighting days…

    Many will remember Mike Tyson as an almost uncontrollable force of nature. ‘Iron Mike’ was one of the most devastating punchers in all boxing history, let alone the heavyweight division.

    Those of us lucky enough to be alive during his prime years were able to watch his path of destruction in the ring as it unfolded. Unfortunately for Tyson, his destructive nature was not limited to the ring.

    As is the case for many young sports stars thrust into the limelight at an early age, ‘Kid Dynamite’ began going off the rails. Drugs, alcohol and a stint in prison saw Tyson’s potentially all-time great career start to slide downhill.

    Having won the world heavyweight title at a record-breaking 20 years old. That record still stands today, as does Mike’s reputation as one of the scariest and most vicious knockout artists ever.

    Mike Tyson was quite literally a chunk of muscle in his prime…

    Darts Anyone?

    During an appearance on TV, something Tyson generally shy away from, Tyson played an interesting game of darts. What was the catch? The former heavyweight king was blindfolded at the time.

    ‘Iron Mike,’ without the assistance of his eyesight, was able to score two consecutive shots in the green outer rim of the bullseye. Most people would struggle to do this with ten darts and the use of their eyes.

    Watch as Tyson shocks the FOX Sports host with his pinpoint accuracy:


    Tyson was also featured in the news this week for yet another altercation with Don King. His former promoter and a notorious scumbag, King is accused by Tyson of robbing him for millions of dollars during his boxing career.

    Tyson once famously kicked King down the street during a late-night argument that spiraled out of control.

    King appeared at the hall of fame show this week, only to have Tyson toss a drink in his face.

    Lesson learned-Don’t mess with Mike Tyson, no matter how old he is now.


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