WATCH: Manny Pacquiao’s Angry Translator Savages Adrian Broner

Most foreign fighters have translators, Manny Pacquiao has a different kind… Photo Via NPR.

Manny Pacquiao has never really been one to trash talk, he has always been quite humble and let his fists do the talking in the ring. Fighting the likes of Floyd Mayweather and other great names he is certainly one of the greats.

However in the lead up to his fight vs Adrien Broner his ‘Anger Translator’ told us what he was really thinking…

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Manny Pacquiao, one week before he faces Adrien Broner. As always Pacquiao was humble and rather timid, he did what he usually does and steered clear of intentionally insulting Broner.

Now, everybody loves a bit of trash talk no matter who it’s from and the man next to Pacquiao is being dubbed his ‘anger translator’ for a very good reason. Little do we know this could be what Manny is actually thinking…

Broner and Pacquiao are scheduled to fight on January 19th. Image Source: CBS Sports.

“That Short B*tch Is Going Down”

Trash talking is usually done by the fighters, but this bloke clearly had some strong thoughts about Broner. Or Pacquiao was actually thinking this, now as much as we want the latter that just doesn’t sound like Manny.

Pacquiao was asked what he thinks about Broner saying he could knock him out and simply replied. “That’s easy to say but hard to do”. His ‘anger translator’ seemed to derive this from that short response…

What he really meant to say is, it’s easy to say but we’re gonna fuck him up. Punch him in his eye, kick him in his nuts. That short bitch is going down!”

No matter how hard Manny tried to stay humble, we were instantly told what he was actually thinking. Pacquiao said “I’m not going to predict the fight but i will try my hardest to make it like my last fight”. To which we received the translation of…

“What he really meant to say man, that’s some bullshit. He really gon fuck this boy up. Send him back to the hood, knock him the fuck out. Really change his life. He’s gonna see about 6 different Pacquiao’s in the fucking ring that night”

Heres the video so you can enjoy the shenanigans yourself.

Who takes it then, Broner? Or Pacquiao? We’ll keep you posted here on Muay Thai Authority.


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