WATCH: King Of Lethwei Dave Leduc Savages Opponent In Latest Fight

The biggest fight in Lethwei history.

Dave Leduc and Tun Tun Min met in the ring for the third time. Leduc’s open weight Lethwei golden belt was on the line in the sport’s most anticipated fight ever.

Leduc’s star started to rise when only in his second Lethwei fight he fought Tun Tun Min to a draw. At the time Tun Tun Min was considered the best Lethwei fighter in the world, but Leduc went toe-to-toe with him. The fights prompted an immediate rematch and things definitely didn’t go as planned for Tun Tun Min’s team.

Once again Leduc came in an underdog, but unlike the first time, Leduc left no doubt in anyone’s mind when it was over. Leduc once again shocked everyone, but this time because he scored a TKO win over Tun Tun MIn.

Since that fight nearly two years ago Leduc has gone on to become the King of Lethwei. He is the sports most recognizable ambassador, seemingly helping bring the sport out of obscurity single-handedly Six fights later and Leduc was faced with his old nemesis.

Leduc was not the king of the sport going into their third fight. Photo by The Myanmar Times.

Keep reading to watch their third fight

Tun Tun Min had challenged Leduc for his belt, and Leduc put everything aside to accept the fight before year’s end. Many thought it would once again be Leduc’s stiffest test as he had not had much trouble with any of his past six opponents. Finishing three of them and going to draw’s with the other three. Although it was clear Leduc controlled those fights.

For fans of Tun Tun Min hoping that it would be a different story this time around, it wasn’t. In the opening round, Leduc knocked Tun Tun Min down rather quickly. Then he connected with an elbow that put Tun Tun Min’s light’s out. In any other combat sport, it would have been over, but this is Lethwei. Tun Tun Min’s team took their two-minute timeout and brought him back.

Leduc rose to the occasion

Being the tough warrior he is somehow Tun Tun Min managed to fight back and make through the entire fight. Despite his valiant effort, Leduc was clearly ahead of him the entire fight as he used his lengthy frame and elbow to keep him from delivering any significant blows. When the distance closed Leduc switched to his headbutts to deliver punishment.

In the end, the fight ended in a draw, but it was clear that Leduc had bested Tun Tun Min. It seems Leduc now stands a top of the mountain alone. Another fight with Tun Tun Min wouldn’t make much sense after this fight as it was clear as day that Leduc had his number.

With Lethwei still being rather new to people outside Myanmar, the list of contenders is rather small. And with Tun Tun Min being the top contender before this fight it is hard to fathom who would come in and give Leduc a challenge.

It was an impressive performance by Leduc as he took on the hometown hero on his soil yet again.

For those reading this and wondering why there was no judges decision, in Lethwei you can only win by knockout. If a fights goes the distance, which is five rounds of three minutes then it is ruled a draw. Headbutts are also legal, no gloves are worn and you are allowed one 2-minute time out to be revived from a knockout.


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