WATCH: Kickboxer Attacks Judge After Losing Decision

There really is nothing that can be said to excuse Jaraya’s action, however, this might have to do with having lost his fourth straight fight by decision.

His last four fights have not gone Jaraya’s way, and all of those losses have come by decision. Three of those losses were in the Netherlands, which is where this event took place. The governing body in the Netherlands is the Federatie Oosterse Gevechtssporten (FOG).

If this is his reasoning for the attack, it is still inexcusable. Luckily, Jaray was pulled away before anything more could happen. This was already an ugly situation that could have been worse if it had continued.

What will happen to Jaraya as punishment we still have to wait and see. It will definitely be a difficult situation, especially with Jaraya being such a young talent. Do you drop the hammer and make an example of him? Do you give him a light punishment and another chance?

It is really unfortunate that this has overshadowed what was a great fight between Jaraya and Laarkoubi.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think his punishment should be.



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