WATCH: Kickboxer Attacks Judge After Losing Decision

Kickboxer attacks judge

This past weekend at Enfusion Live #49, Mohammed Jaraya lost a decision to Redouan Laarkoubi.

The fight was close and ended up going to an extra round. When Laarkoubi was announced to be the winner, Jaraya lost it and did something that could cost him dearly. He attacked one of the ring side judges.

For those not familiar with Jaraya, he is one of Kickboxing’s top young talents. The 20-year old has made a name for himself with his exciting style. In 2016 he and Nordin Ben Moh fought at Enfusion Live #37 in what was widely considered the fight of the year, and one of the most exciting fights ever.

In his fight with Laarkoubi it seemed Jaraya knew he was going to lose the fight because if you watch the fight video (click here to watch) he is already upset before the decision is announced and seems to be venting his frustration to the referee. As soon as the decision is announced, Jaraya loses it.

He first picks up his gloves and throws them at a judge ringside and then despite his corner men trying to hold him back, rushes out of the ring and then gets to one of the ringside judges. He approaches the judge and grabs his face and as people are trying to pull him way he smacks the judge in the face and knocks his glasses off.

(Click next to see the video of the attack on the judge)


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