WATCH: K-1 and MMA Veteran Bob Sapp Nearly Gets Eaten by Bear in Strength Competition

Bob Sapp was once one of the most feared men in combat sports. His menacing physique and raw strength had everyone thinking he could be the next big combat sports icon.

Flash forward to today and Bob Sapp is far from an icon. He is more comparable to an internet meme. Since 2011 his combat sports record has been 2-23. The word menacing is no longer used to describe Sapp, his former nickname The Beast no longer applies. Despite this, Sapp keeps getting called to fight and continues to collect big paydays. He has turned into more of an entertainer rather than a fighter. Such is his recent tussle with a bear to see who is stronger.

Yes, you read that right. Bob Sapp decided to try and prove he was stronger than a bear. In the weird competition, Sapp and the bear were placed into a cage and were separated by a plexiglass barrier. The barrier was on rollers attached to the cage and could be moved back and forth. The goal was simple, for each one to try and push the other past designated markers for the win. To make sure the bear pushed forward, Sapp had meat strapped to his body.

When it starts, Sapp who is also wearing a camera mounted to his head seems to be outmuscled as he tries to push the plexiglass but the bear doesn’t budge. It is not really a big surprise because it is a freaking bear. There is no way Sapp can think he stands a chance. The bear starts slamming on the plexiglass moving Sapp backward until he has passed the marker. If for some crazy reason you thought Sapp stood a chance after the first attempt it becomes very obvious Sapp won’t stand a chance against the bear, but none the less they are thrown back into the cage for another round.

Sapp crying, he is no longer a feared man in combat sports.

This second attempt for Sapp is where things get interesting. Sapp is legitimately trying to win here and the bear who is just trying to likely get to the meat hanging on Sapp starts slamming on the plexiglass. Sapp and the bear pounding on the plexiglass is enough to send it off the rollers. When it becomes evident that the plexiglass is off the rollers Sapp pushes back for a brief moment in what seems to be an attempt to buy some time before letting go and running out of the cage. At this point, the bear breaks through to the other side but the crew is able to close the cage before the bear can get out. I have to give Sapp credit for being able to keep that plexiglass up until he is able to sprint out of the cage.

One thing is certain, Sapp can still move fast when needed. If only Sapp would try as hard in his fight career as he tried to make sure he didn’t get eaten by the bear then maybe he could make a comeback. The fact is Sapp still draws a crowd in Japan and gets paid big bucks even though he is no longer winning. There really isn’t much incentive to go in and put on a grueling fight with his opponents.

It seems Sapp’s days of legit martial arts competition are done, but I am willing to bet this won’t be the last time we see Bob Sapp up against animals. I can’t wait to see him paired up to go against a bull. Love him or hate him Bob Sapp is an entertainer now and gets paid well to well do just that, entertain people.

You can watch the video of his strength competition with the bear below.


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