WATCH: Joe Rogan Completely Loses His Mind at UFC 226

Joe Rogan is a staple of the UFC. The longtime commentator is loved by fans for his passion and emotion.

At UFC 226 when Daniel Cormier knocked out Stipe Miocic to win the heavyweight title everyone went crazy, but no reaction was as memorable as Joe Rogan’s. While serving as the color commentator for the fight Joe Rogan could not believe what he had just witnessed. Unfortunately, when watching a PPV you don’t get to see this. Luckily the UFC just released a sneak peek of their The Thrill and Agony segment.

In the segment, you get to see everyone’s reaction including Joe Rogan’s and it is priceless. Joe Rogan loses his mind in his own unique way. It is very understandable though because just watching that at home I lost my mind when Cormier knocked out Miocic. It was wild and I could only imagine how crazy I would have been if I were cage side.

Disbelief is Joe Rogan’s first reaction.

As you can see Rogan was in complete shock before going wild. It seems he did not expect Cormier to take out Miocic like he did. Let’s be honest very few people did which is what made the result that much more exciting.

Later in the video, you get to see Rogan talking to Cormier and he is asked the new heavyweight champ if he lost his mind.

“It happened so quick, the thing is it happened so quick. It was like bing, bing, bing, bing. was like what, it was like the world shifted, like something. It was like a portal opened up.”

Alright so Rogan’s explanation to Cormier might sound a little crazy, but the reaction regardless of his wild explanation was amazing. You have to appreciate that Rogan loves martial arts as much as he does.

Daniel Cormier stunned Miocic with a big right hand…

No one expected the first round KO.

A lot of people had great reactions and the segment is worth a watch because it shows you a lot of great reactions from the fighters involved, their families and everyone backstage. One of the best parts is when they show the reaction of each fighters corners as the fight ends.

It is especially interesting to see how Miocic’s corner reacts when he gets knocked out. You can clearly tell that they did not expect that to be the result. Cormier’s corner, on the other hand, goes wild, but no their reaction still doesn’t measure up to Joe Rogan’s portal opening reaction.


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