WATCH: Idris Elba’s Documentary Series “Idris Elba: Fighter”

Elba trained for 12 months to make his pro Kickboxing debut.

Idris Elba is an A-list actor in Hollywood, but he can also be described as a badass.

For anyone not familiar with Elba he has starred in movies such as Thor, The Avengers, Beasts of No Nations and many more. He has also starred in TV shows such as The Wire and The Office (U.S. version). Despite being an A-lister in Hollywood, Elba doesn’t walk a normal path when it comes to outside activities.

Back in 2015 Elba, decided to take a crack at professional Kickboxing. Most of the time when Hollywood actors get involved in some type of organized combat sport it is an exhibition match. Elba wasn’t looking to participate in an exhibition match, he was looking to make his debut as a professional Kickboxer. The entire one year process was documented on the Discovery UK’s docu-series, Idris Elba: Fighter.

When he made his professional debut in 2016 it was not widely known as the documentary had not aired. Even when it aired not many people outside of the UK were familiar with it as it only aired in the UK. Elba took his path into Kickboxing very serious, he hired former Muay Thai champion Keiran Keddle to lead him on his journey. The three-part series was great and a must watch for any fan of combat sports.

Episode 1: Pain & Fear

In the first episode, we get a background into Elba’s life and sets up with coach Keddle what he is in for. Elba also travels to Japan to train with K-1 legend Masato and Karate master Kiyohide Shinjo. Clearly, Elba was looking to train with the best for the fight and he wasn’t just focusing on Kickboxing to elevate his training.

Episode 2: Weakness

In the second episode, Elba travels to Havana, Cuba to train with Olympic hopefuls. Cuba is known for their phenomenal Boxers. In Cuba, however, fighters are not allowed to fight professionally so they focus on the Olympics. Elba also experiences the drawbacks of training and the fatigue and toll they take on a person’s body.

Episode 3: Courage

In the third and final episode of the docu-series Elba heads to Thailand to train with none other that Buakaw Banchamek. The Thai superstar observes the actor and gives him some tips. Afterward, Elba gets ready to make his debut.

His professional debut took place on August 8, 2016, at London’s York Hall. It was featured on the Roady to Glory UK event and in attendance was Madonna. His opponent was Dutch fighter Lionel Graves from the renowned Mike’s Gym. It definitely was not a cake walk of a debut as Graves had a lot more experience than Elba.

We aren’t going to tell you how it ended as to not ruin it if you don’t already know. Regardless of the outcome, you have to respect Elba for getting in there and fighting. This is something most celebrities of his level would not do. Many might train, but actually take a fight, well that takes a whole different type of person.

Props to Elba for stepping in the ring and taking a pro fight. What did you think of the documentary series?


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