WATCH: Hells Angels Member Confronts Pro Boxer And Bar Brawl Erupts

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is known throughout the world. They are feared by many, but not by everyone.

Hells Angels members are known for being violent and brutal and it is rare for anyone to step up to them. Despite their reputation, they are not the only biker club that strikes fear into others. There are several mc’s throughout the world that have gained reputations for being as dangerous as the Hells Angels. What is even scarier is knowing that one of these bikers is a trained Boxer.

A Hells Angels member learned that lesson the hard way. Caught on surveillance footage in a bar you see a Hells Angels member walk up to a member from a rival biker club. At first, it doesn’t seem like anything will happen because the two men shake hands. That notion is quickly dismissed as the two engage in a staredown fitting of a Boxing or MMA fight. The Hells Angels member then proceeds to push the other biker, but little does he know this man is a former pro Boxer.

The former pro Boxer delivered some punishing blows.

The other Biker turned out to be Carl Justice Nordstrom. He had a professional Boxing record of 10-2-2 and it is evident when he lets his hands fly. After knocking out the Hells Angels member a brawl erupts in the bar. No one seems to be able to get close to the man as his friends also jump in to help. Nordstrom left the bar but was eventually apprehended by police.

Nordstrom used the name CJ Vescio when he boxed professionally. The heavyweight delivered eight of his ten wins by knockout. At the time of the bar brawl with the Hells Angels member, Nordstrom was 56 years of age. He seemed to have kept his skills sharp. He moved with some good speed and was clearly accurate with his punches.

Footage of Nordstrom in a Boxing match.

It doesn’t matter how tough you are. Anytime someone goes up against a person that is trained things will probably not end up well for them. I am curious to find out if the Hells Angels member knew that Nordstrom used to be a pro Boxer. I doubt that would deter him because when you roll with the Hells Angels fear is not an option.

As crazy as this brawl was it was somewhat civilized compared to other brawls I have seen involving the Hells Angels. The good thing for everyone involved is that no one suffered serious injuries.


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