Video: Former UFC Fighter Rescues Woman Outside Nightclub

She was trying to leave the nightclub when the man came after her.

Being a professional fighters comes in handy outside of the cage or ring from time to time.

Former UFC fighter Denis Stojnic hasn’t competed in MMA since 2016, but he can still dish out punishment when needed. Stojnic had a two-fight run with the UFC in 2009. He fought Cain Velasquez and Stefan Struve, unfortunately for him, he lost both fights and was released by the promotion.

Stojnic, however, went on a tear after leaving the UFC. He won eight of his next nine fights with seven of those wins coming by stoppage. The only fight he didn’t win was a no contest against former UFC champion Ricco Rodriguez. He defeated Rodriguez by TKO in his next fight after the no contest.

On December 30, 2018, Stojnic put his fighting ability to good use outside of the cage. He stopped an assault of a female outside of a nightclub. His heroic act was caught by security cameras. The attack took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Check it out below.

Coming to the rescue.

As you can see in the video the lady leaving the club doesn’t seem worried about anything as she takes her time getting ready. Before she can leave a man come outside and runs towards her. He grabs her by the hair and then pushes her against a car. According to Dutch website the man tried to make some advances at her and force himself on her. When she refused he got violent.

This situation is horrible, but luckily Stojnic comes out of the nightclub. It is not clear if he knew the female or the male assailant, but he briskly walks out of the club towards them and immediately smacks the man and throws him to the ground. There is a huge pillar with advertisements on it that covers the beating that follows.

It isn’t clear if Stojnic happened to just catch the situation that was taking place from inside the club, or was on his way out when he saw what was happening. Either way, it was a good thing he came out when he did as that situation could have been a lot worse.

Now that’s top control.

Several MMA fighters have stories of helping people or preventing crimes with their martial arts skills. After UFC 226 a video of former UFC champion Matt Serra surfaced. In the video seen above, he is holding a man down with some great top control.

Apparently, the drunk man had been harassing a waitress and Serra took him down and held him there until security could arrive and escort the man out.

In another infamous story, Renzo Gracie live-tweeted about being followed by two men. They eventually tried to mug him, but being the skilled fighter that he was Renzo was able to handle both men with ease. He actually tweeted everything that took place after including a picture of one of the assailants hunched over in pain.

I bet those guys regret trying to run up on old Renzo. One of the men actually got away and Renzo went looking for him but could not find him. Talk about wanting to dish out some punishment.


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