WATCH: Former Boxing Champion Riddick Bowe Get Destroyed In Muay Thai

Riddick Bowe Muay Thai

For those that might have missed it, a few years back former heavyweight boxing champion Riddick Bowe made his Muay Thai debut.

Yes, you read that correctly. Riddick Bowe made the leap to Muay Thai. In mid-2013 he made his debut against Levgen Golovin in Pattaya, Thailand for the WPMF at the age of 45. What was even crazier is that he was allowed to fight for the WPMF super heavyweight title in his debut.

If you are not familiar with Bowe as a Boxer, he had a great career. He was the WBC, WBO, and IBF heavyweight world champion at one point in the early 90’s after defeating Evander Holyfield. It was the biggest win of his career, and when he retired from Boxing he had a record of 43 wins with only 1 loss. Why would he decide to try his hand at Muay Thai at the age of 45?

Several rumors swirled around including that he just wanted to try a new sport and that he needed the money. Whatever the reason was, you really had to question how serious he was about Muay Thai. When he came into the fight he was visibly out of shape and weighed 300 pounds. If anything it seemed more like a gimmick, and supposedly he was paid around $150,000 to fight. Why anyone thought it would be a good idea to have an aging, out of shape former boxing champion as a gimmick is beyond me. I would have hired a former Boxer that was still in some type of fighting shape.

Let’s just say things weren’t pretty in his Muay Thai debut. As you can imagine Bowe looked completely out of his element in the ring when the fight took place.

Leg kicks were the demise of Bowe.

His opponent, Levgen Golovin of Russia was not a world beater, but he had two things going for him that Bowe didn’t. He had Muay Thai experience and he was in shape.

It was clear from the start of the fight that Golovin’s gameplan was to attack the legs of Bowe. He did so successfully throughout, while Bowe had zero offense to offer. He attempted to throw a punch or two but literally landed nothing the entire fight.

After being knocked down in the first round because of leg kicks, Bowe’s legs were punished more in the second round by Golovin. Eventually, Bowe would not be able to get back to his feet, and just like that, his Muay Thai debut was over. It was comical yet sad to see Bowe fighting Muay Thai. Comical because he looked ridiculous in the ring, but sad to see a former Boxing heavyweight champion have to step back in the ring at his age for the money under these conditions.

Check out the fight below and let us know what you think of Riddick Bowe’s Muay Thai debut.

It would have been wise for him to stay in Boxing right? Let’s be real though if you were offered a nice sum of money to step into a sport you have never competed in you would. Most of us would take a beating like that for a nice paycheck, they leg kick the hell out of my legs all day.


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