WATCH: Darren Till Kicks Drunk Man Outside Nightclub

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UFC welterweight title contender Darren Till has been in hot water all week over comments made earlier in the week. It now seems he will continue treading in the hot water as video of an altercation has surfaced.

Darren Till is set to fight Tyrone Woodley for the welterweight title in a little less than a month at UFC 228. Today video has surfaced of Till outside of a Liverpool nightclub kicking a man. Till has a don’t give F attitude and it has gotten a fair amount of attention, both good and bad. That attitude is what has gotten him into hot water.

In the video Till is outside the nightclub with several people and there is a lot of commotion, the man identified as Till in the video walks up to another man and kicks him. There is so much going on in the video, but it seems after the initial kick things were able to stay under control somewhat and keep the situation from escalating further.

Since the video has surfaced neither Till or the UFC have commented on the video. You can see the video on imgur below.

Darren Till fighting outside Liverpool club

Till is about to be in more hot water.

It has been a controversial week for Till, to say the least. He was criticized early in the week for comments made during an interview about his kids and pregnant wife.

“I’ve got a girlfriend who’s nearly seven months pregnant. I don’t really care. I’ve got a daughter in Brazil right now who I haven’t seen for one year. I don’t really care. I just care about legacy and greatness. That’s what I’m in this for.”

Fans did not take kindly to those comments and he was heavily criticized online and social media saying that. Till clarified those comments on the Obviously Fight Talk podcast.

Me girlfriend and me daughter, they know what’s what and she was right next to me when I was giving that interview and she was laughing,” said Till. “Some people just need to stop trying to be offended. All right, it might have come out as if I don’t give two s**ts but right now, it’s all about me until eighth of September. I have to be selfish enough. And after the fight, everyone knows, downtime, holidays, going to see me daughter. It’s just people wanting to be offended.”

The situation could get worse for Till.

The video of Till kicking the man was shot on Snapchat and it had the caption “Darren Till #UFC Fighter attacking black guys”. There is no way to know if any of this was racially motivated, but it wouldn’t be a surprising if someone takes that and runs with it.

It will be interesting to see if this puts his title fight with Woodley in jeopardy. Until the UFC comments on the situation, there is no knowing what will happen. Let’s just hope Till can stay out of any more trouble so that we can make sure this fight happens.

Although some fight fans might be happy because they were upset Till got a title shot after missing weight in his previous fight and it ending up in a draw.



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