WATCH: Daniel Cormier Predicted Exaclty How He Would KO Stipe Miocic

Daniel Cormier is a man in touch with his ability. Many people thought Stipe Miocic would be too big and too strong, but Cormier knew he was going to knock him out.

It is one thing to predict a knockout, but to predict how it will happen, well that is Nostradamus status. Cormier and his team did an excellent job studying Miocic and it wasn’t a secret. Cormier was on the Fox preview show and told everyone how he planned on finishing Miocic. Cormier was not arrogant about it, he simply noted where they had spotted that Miocic made mistakes.

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping brought up the question to Cormier. He asked him to elaborate on his comments that he would KO Miocic. A lot of times you get fighters trying to keep that type of information secret, but Cormier was more than happy to put it out there. Guess he didn’t think Miocic would be able to change the flaws he found in his game.

Cormier was confident in his power at heavyweight.

“There are some things that he does, especially when you get out of clinch positions, where his hands are pretty low and that chin is way up in the air. He’s got a big ole face, and I’m gonna try to crack him upside his head.”

Cormier is known for taking guys down with his superior wrestling ability and pounding them out. It was clear after this interview that Cormier had no intention of wrestling with Miocic. Everyone says they will knock ou their opponent, but how it will be done is seldom heard. Cormier called his shot and he delivered on fight night.

He was extremely confident in the power he would possess as a heavyweight and he wasn’t shy about how he had been putting sparring partners to sleep.

“I used to hit guys and it would have an effect on them. At 205 that seemed to have disappeared but in sparring, I’m telling you, man, I’ve put guys down on five, six occasions during this training camp. That is something I haven’t done in four years.”

Daniel Cormier stunned Miocic with a big right hand…

Miocic had no clue what happened.

Cormier made sure to also note that knocking out his sparring partners was done with 16-ounce gloves. It is scary to think that he can pack that kind of power in his punches at heavyweight. Unfortunately for Miocic, he had to find out the hard way that Cormier wasn’t lying about that.

It is quite scary to think that Cormier could move back up in weight and KO the best heavyweight we have seen in quite some time. In that division, multiple title defenses rarely happened and Miocic had defended his title a total of three times before stepping into the Octagon with Cormier.

If Cormier continues his prediction streak then he will also be knockout out Brock Lesnar when they eventually fight. After Lesnar pushed him in the cage after the UFC 226 main event Cormier responded with…

“Push me now and you’ll go to sleep later.”

Brock Lesnar is a lot bigger than Cormier, but so was Miocic and didn’t stop him. It will be interesting to see if Cormier can deliver on his promise of putting Lesnar to sleep.


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