Watch Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett Get Destroyed At MAS Fight 1

Krazy Horse

MAS Fight 1 took place yesterday in China, and the new promotion drew interest because of its unique rule set.

Yodsanklai Fairtex headlined the bout and everyone was expecting a Muay Thai or Kickboxing bout, but then the rules of were announced. They were one nine minute round, you must win by KO, standing arm lock and choke techniques are legal, and 6 oz open finger MMA style gloves were used.

Despite Yodsanklai being the main attraction there were other recognizable names in action. Controversial MMA fighter Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett decided to try his hand at this rule set. It heavily favored strikers and Bennett is known more for his striking than ground game in MMA. It seemed like this rule set was perfect for him.

He fought Pongthong Jetsada, a K-1 veteran and solid Kickboxer. Let’s just say he was on another level compared to Bennett, and unfortunately for the man known as “Krazy Horse” his bout ended with a highlight reel KO.

(Click next to watch Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett get brutally KO’d at MAS Fight 1)



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