WATCH: Canelo Alvarez Stops Rocky Fielding In 3 Rounds

Canelo went after the body early.

Canelo Alvarez was making his debut for streaming service DAZN after signing an exclusive deal with them.

UK super middleweight Rocky Fielding was the man standing across from him. He had only tasted defeat once in his career coming into the fight. It took place in 2015 against Callum Smith. Unfortunately for Fielding Canelo was on a mission.

From the start of this bout it was all Canelo. The Mexican fighter immediately went to the body and Fielding wasn’t ready. He was forced to a knee after a big liver shot from Canelo, but he was up at the count of six. He made it out of the round, but it was clear that it was going to be a rough night for Fielding.

In the second round, Canelo continued to dish out the punishment and once again sent Fielding down with a body shot. Fielding was able to make it out of the round again, but he was being outclassed. The power of Canelo was just too much it seemed.

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Canelo showcased his power

In the third round, Canelo kept on dishing out the punishment and dropped Fielding against. This time it was a big right hand to the head. Fielding got back up and kept fighting, but it was as good as done. Another big body shot from Canelo drop Fielding to a knee again and it was over. The referee had seen enough and moved in to stop the fight.

Four knockdowns in three rounds as more than enough. It was a bad night for Fielding from the start. Canelo definitely put the super middleweight division on notice. Fielding is a top ten super middleweight and Canelo sliced through him like a hot knife through butter.

Where Canelo goes from here is anyone’s guess. Many want to see him fight GGG again, but many also want to see him against Jermall Charlo. The up and coming Boxer is undefeated at 27-0 and many feel he is the next big thing in Boxing. This fight was brought up immediately after the second GGG fight, but as we have seen Canelo decided to fight Fielding.

The finishing blow

Canelo also continues to be plagued with accusations about steroids after he failed two tests from the Nevada Athletic Commission before his first fight with GGG. Something that Canelo attributed to Mexican beef.

The steroid accusations surfaced again as Canelo was looking jacked before this fight, but people also have to remember he wasn’t at middleweight anymore. He was carrying a little more size at middleweight. For as many fans as he has, Canelo also has the equal amount of fans that don’t like him.

Let’s hope we can see his next fight for DAZN be a banger against a top contender. Canelo is a big draw and brings attention to the sport whenever he fights so great matchups are needed.


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