Watch Buakaw Lead Over 1,400 Fighters In The Wai Kru Ceremony

The Wai Kru is one of the richest traditions of Muay Thai.

It is a way for a fighter to show respect to their teachers and family. It is often removed from Muay Thai by outsiders promoting the sport, but in Thailand it is a huge part of the sports tradition.

Every year Ayutthaya, Thailand plays host to the Wai Kru Festival. It is held on National Muay Thai Day and thousands in attendance pay respects not only to their teachers and family, but to Nai Khanom Tom.

In the video below the Wai Kru at this year’s festival is lead by none of that Muay Thai super star Buakaw. He leads over 1,400 fighters from 52 countries in the Wai Kru. It was the 13th annual Wai Kru Festival and it is amazing to see the turn out. It gets bigger every year.

If you are a fan of Muay Thai and its culture and tradition you should definitely check it out. Until then enjoy the video below of Buakaw leading the Wai Kru.


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