WATCH: Bouncer Built Like TANK Makes Human Sandwich With Multiple Knockouts

If your name is not down you are not coming in. And you might get knocked out at some point…

Testing a bouncer’s patience is a bit like waving a red flag at a bull. In some instances, you are going to get gored. If you start throwing punches, chances are you will end up asleep and on Youtube…

Amid the current trend of drinking until you are barely able to physically function, bouncers are at the frontline of the global alcohol problem. Slamming back a few pints after work is one thing, but humans are literally transformed into animals every weekend in many cities and towns.

According to Alcohol Concern, a charity hoping to raise awareness in the UK, there were nearly 9,000 alcohol-related deaths in the UK in 2015. This, and the injuries, illness and addictions, costs Great Britain’s national health service (NHS) over $3.5 billion annually.

Needless to say, the club doormen are feeling the brunt of youngsters drinking too much.

Violent scene: The bouncer has come under fire online for what some people are saying was excessive force

Bouncer Fight Caught On Tape (Video Below)

During one particularly brutal video, a Nottingham, UK based doorman came under fire from viewers. The scene took place outside a club where partygoers had clearly necked a few too many drinks.

You can see the bouncer in question wrestling against a man who pulls the bouncer’s jacket over his head. Unfortunately for the attacker and his friend, they get dropped multiple times and quite brutally on the last blow.

Watch the bouncer make a human sandwich from the two attacking drunks:

Bouncer Fight vs. Two Drunks

Needless to say, viewers on social media were divided in their opinions. That said, there was a common theme of people accusing the bouncer of excessive force. Honestly, these guys should not have been pulling the bouncer around and throwing punches like they were at the start of the clip.

Police appealed for witnesses of the fight with a statement in response to the video:

Nottinghamshire police are aware of an incident that took place in the Queen Street area of Nottingham city centre. No official report has been made to police at this time in respect of an incident of this nature.

While police are conducting our own enquiries to establish the circumstances, we urge any witnesses to call 101.

Who was at fault in the brawl?

Who Was to Blame?

It’s easy to point the finger of blame in this scenario at either the bouncer of pissed up punters, but it goes deeper than that. Our booze soaked generation of lairy pissheads are being funnelled into nightclubs and pubs, regularly.

This culture didn’t come around by accident, targetted advertising and reassurance that it’s ‘normal’ to pickle one’s liver every weekend have created a nation of alcoholics. Unfortunately, that comes with violence.

Certainly, in this case, the bouncer felt he had to act, regardless of whether we know the full story or not, these guys were marching towards him and had already put hands on him.



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