WATCH: 67-Year-Old Thai Boxer Who Fought For 50 Years Retires With Final Fight

The two hardest 60-year-plus Thai boxers after their fight.

They say age is nothing but a number and Khobdan Bor-khor-sor is living proof.

The 67-year-old just competed in his final Muay Thai fight on November 10, 2018. His family and friends were naturally worried for his safety because it is not often you see someone of that age engaging in physical combat, but Khobdan is no stranger to the ring.

He had about 80 fights in his younger days so being in the ring is nothing foreign to him. He currently trains the next generation of fighters at Kei-yrti-bucha & Singh Hong Kung Gym in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

His family is supportive of his decision to fight. You can take the man out of the fight, but you can’t take the fight out of the man. At the age of 67, he is in better shape than many people younger than him. He is stepping in the ring against a fighter that is similar in age, and neither man holds back when they enter the ring. It would be very easy for them to simply dance around, but they both came out looking to fight.

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Age Is Nothing But A Number

You can’t deny how impressive it is to see two men of this age fight and look as good as they do. They are both consistently throwing strikes and when they clinch they are throwing knees and trying to improve their position. Plenty of young fighters aren’t as active as these two are.

Khobdan’s son Sing was his cornerman, he is also a fighter. He told that he believes in his father’s ability that much that he made a bet of 70,000 baht for this fight which is roughly $2,121. For those who aren’t aware, gambling is big at Muay Thai fights in Thailand. It is very common practice for bets to be placed at the fights or between two gyms.

When Khobdan was in his fighting prime he would fight on Channel 4 in Thailand. The village Sing lived in didn’t have a television and they didn’t have a car so he would walk over four miles to the next village to watch his father fight. It is hard to imagine Khobdan needing any more support than that of his son’s.

Father and son before the battle.

Before The Final Fight

Most fighters which they could fight well into their 60’s, but it is something very few if any actually achieve. This is what you call having a love for the art. Khobadn went out with a win at the age of 67, that’s an impressive way to end your career. This is a true display of the warrior spirit.

Special thanks to Casey Pharis for bringing Khobdan’s fight to our attention. Also for talking to Sing and Khwan Chai to get pictures and video of Khobdan as well as working with Pontimon Chumuti to help translate the information.


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