MMA Fighter Becomes Nation’s ‘Most Dangerous Felon’ After Viral Road Rage Incident

    Authorities went into red alert after a viral road rage incident last month…

    The video sparked a massive response from authorities, including a nationwide manhunt and hiring of a professional boxer as a bounty hunter…

    Beijing, China, home to around 80,000 people became a hive of police activity last month, all over one road rage incident. Going viral over the Chinese social media network ‘Weibo,’ the attack involved a man labeled an ‘MMA fighter’ by the media.

    Coverage of the incident was widespread in China, airing on national TV in an attempt to identify and apprehend the assailant in the clip. It was a particularly brutal beating, with the younger and clearly trained man putting his older opponent to the ground multiple times.

    Media outlet ‘China Daily’ claimed the attacker was ‘professionally trained,’ and judging by his techniques in the video they were quite probably right.

    The ‘Viral MMA Fighter’ (in black) chokes his victim (in black) with a rear naked chokehold…

    Police Hired a Professional Boxer to Act as Protection While Hunting The Man

    The initial report, at least on this side of the pond, came from credited MMA news site, who also revealed the following details:

    Video from the scene captured a typically busy crosswalk filled with pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The onset of the video shows a young man in black shrug another man, wearing blue, to the ground. Onlookers watch as the man in blue gets up and stumbles back towards the man in black.

    Once he is within striking range, the man in black — who authorities now name as Ma X Ru — attacks the man in blue. The attack involves punches, knees, and kicks. The man in blue is dropped to the ground a number of times. In one instance the man in black grips the other man in a tight headlock, seemingly trying to choke him.

    After approximately one minute, the man in black gets onto a motorcycle and leaves the scene, almost hitting the man in blue in the process.

    Watch the video of the brutal attack below, courtesy of

    Viral MMA Fighter Captured

    The above video shows the footage of the attack and the manhunt and capture of the man identified as Ma X Ru. Although this seemed a little bit of a minor event to spark such a response, it comes during a strange time for MMA in China.

    Recent footage of a mixed martial artist on a mission to ‘expose’ fake traditional Chinese martial arts has the country divided over MMA. Beijing police described the road rage attacker as the nation’s ‘most dangerous wanted man’ before eventually catching him.

    The Beijinger reports that police claimed they found sparring gloves and other training equipment, confirming — to them — that Ma trained in MMA. That outlet goes on to state that, “Although China has been relatively late in adopting mixed-martial arts, the sport has already gained a dubious reputation in the country.”

    Story sources: WeiboBloody Elbow, News163


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