Video Proof That Jesus Trained Muay Thai

Turns out our savior can throw hands…

Every once in a while we see a video that is just pure gold. Whether it’s a bus driver uppercutting a mouthy passenger or a girl slipping up while squashing grapes in a bucket, viral videos seem to keep us constantly entertained.

Today’s story is an interesting twist on a timeless classic; the story of Jesus Christ. Rather than being crucified at the end of this scene, our Lord and savior dominated the competition in a video that went viral.

The clip comes from a street carnival in Brazil, where a man named Luis decided to dress up as JC in an attempt to be humorous. Apparently, one bare-chested hooligan was not in on the joke.

It’s unclear whether the man with the bald head was an offended Christian, an anti-Christ follower or perhaps just a drunken baboon. Whatever the case, he messed with the wrong Jesus.

Check out the video, followed by a statement issued by Jesus himself:

Watch Out For The Cross

Talking with The Sun, JC (real name Luis) said he finds it ammusing that people all over the world are watching the video:

Luis – who says he dressed up as Jesus because his friends think he resembles the son of God and he “thought it would be funny” then points down at the shaven-headed man and appears to tell him to stop.

“I think the feeling was kind of ‘oh boy, not again’. I was too drunk otherwise I wouldn’t have fought the guy.

“It has two million views and comments from all over the world. I can’t stop laughing about all this.

“I was dressed up like Jesus because my friends told me I look like him, mostly because of the hair. I thought it would be funny because I definitely don’t act like him.”

Read the hilarious Reddit comments below:

Super Jesus

“Don’t ever cross me again” -Jesus

“That Thug walk at the end from Jesus, like, there is only one set of footprints here and it’s because I laid you out motherfucker.”

Yea, he could have killed the guy and resurrected him and then kill him again

He who is without sin shall throweth the first jab

Turning water into wine? Party animal.

Walking on water? Did it on a dare.

Last supper? New diet plan.



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