These MMA Trained Soccer Hooligans Are What Nightmares Are Made Of

Fans of soccer or football around most of the world are familiar with soccer hooligans. They are diehard supporters of their team and they are willing to fight for their team.

Some of these hooligan clubs train to fight at the first sight of opposing fans. This is something that is prevalent in Russia and you might think that they are just brawlers looking to fight. The scary thing about this is that they are not just brawlers. They are training martial arts so that they can beat up other soccer hooligans and fans.

With the 2018 World Cup currently taking place in Russia fans should be on high alert. Russia has performed well thus far in the World Cup winning their first two matches easily but lost their third to Uruguay. They have advanced to the knockout round of the World Cup and when they get eliminated it will likely get crazy.

Soccer Hooligans training to fight.

They are looking for a fight!

Being a Soccer Hooligan was glamorized in the movie Green Street Hooligans, but it is far from the polished street fights they show. These hooligan soccer fights are gritty and brutal. As you see in the documentary video below, fighting is something they enjoy and fear is non-existent for them. It really is just a gang, regardless of what justification they use. These men are simply looking to start trouble and are hiding behind their soccer clubs name and claiming they are supporters.

As you can see in the Vice Documentary these soccer hooligans could care less about the repercussions. It seems as if being a soccer hooligan is an occupation for most. You go in do your work, which in this case means attacking soccer fans and then go home. They are clearly analyzed by their performance.

Organized Chaos

With the effort that these men put into their training, it would be great to see them use those skills elsewhere. I am sure a good amount of them could try their hand at a combat sport, be it MMA or Kickboxing. in the long run, nothing positive will come out of being a soccer hooligan. If they are good enough they could make a decent career as a professional MMA fighter.

In Russia, it is almost like a sport being a hooligan. The clubs of hooligans have their own names. This not something about country pride either. When the world cup is not going on, the different clubs will fight each other to represent their team.

Open field brawling

As you can see in the video above, a location is set and they show up and fight. There are rules to this madness but it is still crazy. Makes you question who is tougher. MMA fans or soccer fans? By the looks of these videos, I might go with the soccer fans.

These guys are on a whole different level when it comes to supporting who they root for. It seems they are willing to go to prison for their team, but I don’t think there are many MMA fans willing to go to prison for their favorite fighter.


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