Video: Khabib Nurmagomedov Makes Conor McGregor Tap Out At UFC 229

Khabib made sure to utilize his ground game.

The highly anticipated fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov finally took place at UFC 229.

The lightweight title was on the line as McGregor looked to once again become the champion, but was facing what many considered to be his toughest opponent to date in Khabib. The hype for this fight was huge and fans couldn’t wait for them to throw down in the Octagon.

It all started with the infamous bus incident that everyone is aware of now even if you aren’t into MMA. Then their media only press conference which left saw McGregor launch a verbal assault and Khabib. Fans ate it up as Khabib didn’t offer much in rebuttals aside from saying he will do his talking in the Octagon. The second press conference which was open to the public saw McGregor show up nearly 30 minutes late, something Khabib was not going to stand for as he insisted the press conference start without McGregor. He then left after 15 minutes and when McGregor arrived another verbal onslaught on Khabib and his manager took place. At this point, both fighters made it clear there was no love lost and there would be peace after the fight.

Things really heated up at the ceremonial weigh in when McGregor smacked Khabib’s hand during the face off. This prompted security to jump in between the two fighters as both fighters were clearly hyped up for the fight. McGregor then proceeded to attempt to kick Khabib but missed and the two continued to be separated until they were both off stage. It was the perfect ending to the pre-fight build up as fans anxiously awaited the main event at UFC 229.

Khabib had no intention of keeping this on the feet.

Khabib clearly wanted this fight on the ground.

Khabib comes out and immediately takes Conor to the ground. McGregor does a good job of stalling the action while Khabib is trying to improve his position. Conor is punching from the bottom looking to try to get back to his feet. Not much action as McGregor is doing a good at keeping Khabib from advancing his position. It is clear that Khabib is looking to use his wrestling to control McGregor. The first round ends with Khabib on top, but not much action.

Khabib stuns McGregor with ap unch to start the second round, but he recovers quickly and then Khabib gets him to the ground. He quickly moves to the mount and looks to be working for an arm triangle but McGregor does a good job defending. Khabib working from the top position raining down punches on McGregor. He seems to be in trouble as punches are getting through. It is very clear that Khabib’s wrestling is going to play a huge part in this fight. The second round closes with Khabib in the top position.

McGregor stalking to start the third round but not landing much as it is clear he is wary of about the takedown. McGregor stuffs a takedown and keeps the fight standing, but not much action on the feet. Unlike the previous rounds, this rounds is staying on the feet. McGregor is trying to make something happen, but nothing significant is happening. The round ends with McGregor fighting Khabib’s takedown off along the fence.

The fourth round stays on the feet for about a minute before Khabib gets the takedown with a trip. It seems the champion is happy trying to maul McGregor on the ground. Khabib works to the mount position and begins to work for an arm triangle. McGregor is able to fight off the submission, but Khabib keeps working for it and secures a rear naked choke and McGregor taps.

A dominant performance by Khabib to retain his title.

The arena goes crazy and in the mix of it all Conor McGregor and Khabib’s corner get into a brief altercation. A dominant performance by Khabib Nurmagomedov. It is a great performance by Kahbib and he clearly had the perfect plan to beat McGregor.


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