US Green Beret (Kung Fu) vs. Peruvian Special Forces (Karate) No Rules Fight

The age-old battle between rival martial arts may be outdated, but it does still make for some interesting clashes…

It’s not often we get to see trained killers such as special forces operatives fighting in close quarters. Aside from on the field of battle, these warriors very rarely test their skills against each other.

Even then, it’s mostly in highly controlled environments such as boxing or martial arts tournaments. Make no mistake, these kinds of highly trained operatives could easily kill one another given the chance, weapons or not.

During today’s video we see a US Green Beret take on a Peruvian special forces operative in a ‘no rules’ contest. The green beret is trained in Kung Fu, whereas the Peruvian combatant is proficient in Karate.

Unfortunately, the contest is cut short after the first significant blow, but it was a seriously gruesome strike. As he describes below, the green beret lands a ‘tiger palm’ type strike that gouges his opponent’s eyeball:

“The eyes are my favorite target, for a lot of reasons. What you couldn’t see in this video was that we were fighting in a human circle, surrounded by support staff and other Peruvian special forces soldiers. I was there alone, with nobody to watch my 6.

The intent on the straight finger to the eye was to freeze his base, and try to get him to pull his head back, which is what usually happens. In this case, he didn’t pull his head back because he had already fully committed to his movement.

I felt squishy material on my finger, and realized my finger was buried in his eye socket (where the infratrochlear nerve is) and based on the sound, and his reaction, I thought his eye popped out….

“Bad Ass”

I could have inflicted further damage, or even ended his life. But showing restraint and knowing when to stop after he was defeated earned me the respect of their people and soldiers…..and got me out of there in one piece.

Which is one of my secondary missions when I travel overseas to fight. I’m representing a country and an art.

I started in San Soo in 1985, then spent time in SoCal during a tour in the Corps. I have trained with what I consider to be some of the great masters. To them, I give my thanks. I have also traveled around and worked out with whoever I could.

All body shapes and sizes. From both what is considered old and new school. I spent a tour in the Army (SF) where I was exposed to San Soo spin offs, know it alls, so-called “bad asses”, master of this, master of that. But I never strayed from 100% KFSS. Basic, straight forward, old school, brutal KFSS.”



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