Ultimate Muay Thai set for January 12th in Pattaya

Ultimate Muay Thai

Ultimate Muay Thai will take place on January 12th in Pattaya, Thailand. The event is presented by Sena Combat and will feature 12 different fights matched up by 12 different promoters.

The event is part of the 20 year anniversary of Theprasit Stadium, and the night’s most exciting fight will take home a prize of 5 Baht Thai Gold. The 12 promoters that each matched up a fight for the event are 12 of the most renowned promoters in the Pattaya area.

There is also a WBC Muay Thai World Championship fight featuring Abdel Ahmid and Super Boy.

You can find out more about the promotion on facebook here.

Ultimate Muay Thai Fight Card:
Luk Ton Sor Sampeenong vs. Pongsak Lek Sor Hengchalerng
Petchborai Orpeetat Poncharlerg vs. Duang Peechit Kiatdeenamerng
Kraitong Sit Watlearm vs. Samongkol Leamtannawat
Petsatit Sid-e vs. Sam Lee Tong Lu Chow Mai Sai Tong
Petchaiya Sit Pupantu vs. Chanachai Sor Klinmee
KuKong Paiyak Muanchong vs. Chock Panom Por Purmpun
Monkong Peht Or Sabai Tear vs. Muang See Pumpanmuang
Chock Peechit Sit Benjong vs. Commando Por AuTalay
Abdel Ahmid K. vs. Super Boy
Warachat Lek or Nuangchamnong vs. Dartot Sartit Sid-e
Sagay Nam Jit Muangnon vs. Ninmankorn or Sabai Tear
Kem Por Chalat vs. Nungsiam Hualongnamkeang
Petmai Luk Bonmee vs. KomPiak Por Preecha


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